Quality Management System’s Policy


Shipmanagement services of Marflet Marine S.A. are used by world-wide Customers that demand the highest standards of performance and reliability. The quality of our services play a key role in achieving Customers’ satisfaction and in turn business success.


It is our Policy to:


  • Provide services that meet current and predictable future requirements of its customers in the most efficient and competitive way, as well as applicable laws and regulations, in turn satisfying the interests and expectations of other stakeholders (shareholders, employees, suppliers and Society in general).

  • Ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, and avoidance of damage to the environment, striving to reach zero incidents and zero spills.

  • Maintain an effective coordination with their suppliers, in order to ensure availability for its customers of the most appropriate and efficient vessels, equipped with the best and more up-to-date technology advances.

  • In an attitude of leadership, to properly guide the efforts of all staff, for which ensures a proper selection, training and promotion, recognizing their essential role and creating an internal environment in which everyone can participate and get involved in the achievement of the Organization’s objectives. In particular, vessels will be operated with senior officers with appropriate experience and training on her specific type and trade.

  • Identify the continuous improvement in performance as a permanent Objective of the Organization, facilitating and encouraging the active participation of all personnel in this task.

  • Implement and communicate this Policy to all our employees, and review it regularly for updates.


Our overall Quality Objective is to continually improve customer’s satisfaction by operating an efficient and effective Quality Management System, striving to anticipate and exceed customer needs and expectations at every opportunity. This is achieved through understanding current and future customer needs and expectations and through structured planning for the future organization and managing change.




Juan J. Ferrer