Environmental Policy


As an essential part of its Environmental Management System, whose scope covers the “PROVISION OF MARITIME TRANSPORTATION SERVICES WITH SPECIALIZED OIL AND CHEMICAL TANKERS IN WORLDWIDE TRADE”, Marflet Marine S.A. has set up this Environmental Policy, by which it commits to:


Manage the significant environmental aspects in a responsible manner and in any case in accordance with ISO 14001 standard.


Learn, communicate, and comply with all applicable legal requirements concerning environmental protection, promulgated by the various Authorities with responsibilities in this area, and with any other commitments voluntarily subscribed to, and that might influence and constrain the development of our activities.


Establish a corporate culture that discourages criminal or other aberrant conduct by establishing a system to encourage and oversee compliance with regulations and standards, and to discover and appropriately deal with non-compliances.


Voluntary disclose any wrongdoing on a timely basis and cooperate with Government’s investigations.


Carry out actions for continuous improvement of significant environmental aspects, where this is techno-economically viable.


Strive to reduce, prevent or control the various existing types of pollution and to prevent future ones, where techno-economically viable.


Strive to deliver its contribution by reducing its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, particularly CO2 emissions, supporting IMO to develop real and sustainable GHG emission reduction regulations from ships that will not hinder international commerce energy efficiency.


Effectively manage the wastes generated in our activities, when they are harmful to the environment.


Consider environmental factors in relevant purchasing decisions and giving preference to those products and services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose.


Establish environmental objectives and targets consistent with this Policy and review them periodically.


Communicate this Policy to our employees, subcontractors and suppliers and maintain it publicly available.




Juan J. Ferrer